Life Abroad

Hi there!

Welcome to my study abroad blog!

I lived in Bilbao, Spain for four months, taking business classes and a few spanish courses. My weeks were pretty structured; I would have class Monday through Friday and tutor two, sweet boys in English on Mondays and Tuesdays. It is so funny because we were learning the same vocabulary and verb conjugations in each others’ languages!

Bilbao is the perfect location because you get the city, hikes in the mountains and the beach, all within a 30 minute metro ride! Below you can see the beach that’s only a 5 minute walk from my apartment 🙂

This was taken in Plentzia, about a 7-10 minute metro ride from my house!

Athletic Bilbao games were so fun!! Everyone gathers in the streets outside of the stadium a few hours before, all dressed in red and white.

Bilbao has a TON of pride for their fútbol team! It was crazy to experience the surprisingly high level of organization of the massive crowds of fans. Essentially, everyone entered the stadium right as the game was starting, everyone got up at the same time for half time and pulled out giant sandwiches with jamón and queso wrapped in tinfoil (I do not joke when I say everyone). We felt pretty left out for forgetting our sandwiches. Everyone left the stadium at the same time, right as the time on the clock ran out. Surprisingly it was very efficient and people were cleared out of the giant stadium within 15-20 minutes. I’m still in awe. Fun fact: Athletic Bilbao’s players all come from the Basque Country! You can tell there is a great sense of local pride when you look around and notice how many locals come to the games.

In the picture above, you can see us being kicked out because everyone had already exited the stadium.

You could find me ordering café con leche (a smaller version of a latte), zumo de naranja (orange juice) and tortilla de patata at any bar or café before class in the morning!

Thursdays we typically would go out to pintxo bars for Pintxopote, which is a night where you can get pintxos for one euro (if they aren’t already at that price). We LOVED Pintxopote, there are so many snacks to try (usually with a piece of bread as the base).

We also loved going to Stromboli (pictured above) a cookie bar right next to our school with soft seating where you are required to take your shoes off. They also have amazing tea and café!

To work off all that bread, sometimes we would bike around the city for cheap with rented bikes!

I also loved going on runs in the morning (when it’s not too rainy). The views were incredible when the sun rises in the morning!

I hope this gives you an idea of my life in Bilbao!