Welcome to my blog!

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Let me introduce myself, I’m Delaney and I love my friends & family.


Seriously. I. Love. My. Friends. After two years at Seattle Pacific University I have been fortunate enough to know some of the most genuine, hilarious, thoughtful and kind individuals I’ve ever met in my entire life. I feel supported, loved and challenged by all of them in different ways. As I enter into my senior year, I am so thankful for the people that I am surrounded by in Seattle and those I met studying abroad in Bilbao, Spain!


Shoutout to my roommate, Jess, who is constantly inspiring me to be a better person, friend and adventurer- you are a gem! (pictured above).

Something I’ve continuously learned from my friends in college is to not take life too seriously. Incorporating this into my adult life looks like having dance parties on Wednesday nights with my roommates to “dance the stress out.”