It’s clear this city was romantic because Roma is literally her name.

This was probably one of my shortest trips but it was unforgettable nonetheless! We got to hit some major monuments and get a feel for local, Roman life 🙂

We flew in on a friday night in November and ate an amazing, Italian dinner upon arrival! I had the best spaghetti of my entire life and my friends had homemade pizza and gnocchi. Wow. We immediately recognized and appreciated the drastic change in customer service (Spain vs. Italy). The servers instantly became our best friends and we were served fresh food immediately. I was blown away!

The waiters were SO sweet and kept calling us Bella and beautiful! It was also convenient that Roma is a more international destination so almost everyone spoke english (thankfully).

We stayed in the Travestiere neighborhood which was SO FUN because it was essentially the young adult, hipster crowd. We walked around the neighborhood after dinner. I really love the way Europe, including Italy, has such an emphasis on eating, drinking and talking outside. There are always those outdoor heaters set up so people can eat outside even in the winter! Travestierre had so many cute cobblestone streets with ivy crawling up the walls.

Our first and only full day in Roma, we got an early start and headed to the Colosseum.

We got to take a walking tour and learned so much about the massive structure. It was incredibly breathtaking and larger than life! It is crazy that it was built in only 7 years. I also learned that the reason why the Colosseum is partially ruined was actually due to a massive earthquake!

One of my favorite parts of the Colosseum was getting to see old column structures and designs that I had studied in my Global Impacts of Design class (as you can see below). I was such a nerd and kept taking pictures of each style.

It was unreal to see the actual patterns and designs I studied my sophomore year of college!

Next, we headed to the Roman Forum. I can’t describe how strange and incredible it was to see such ancient ruins in person, among the bustling city of Rome.

I still can’t believe we got to see this!

We took our time wandering around the gardens and ruins for a few hours.

Then we headed to the Trevi Fountain and stumbled upon many sights on the way!

We caught the Fontana di Trevi at sunset and it was stunningly beautiful. Of course we had to throw a coin over our shoulders 😉

My eye is still swollen in this picture after I accidentally put hydrogen peroxide in my eye, thinking it was contact solution. Language barriers man….. apparently acqua ossigenata does NOT translate to water for contacts.

As the sun went down we ate some gelato and slowly made our way to the Pantheon that night.

Since we had split up from some of our group, we met up again for another amazing, Italian dinner! This time I got a yummy pizza 🙂

We walked around Travestierre and sat on the steps of this plaza with all of the locals, talking for hours.

The next morning we walked around the city one last time before catching our plane back to Bilbao! It was crazy to see ~ancient ruins~ as we were walking around the cute, cobblestone streets.

I loved the romance, rich history and architecture of the city. It was shocking how similar the Spanish and Italian languages sound which I first noticed this while listening to the radio in a taxi. This makes sense why so many of my friends from Spain will go to Italy on holiday and why so many Italians are studying with Erasmus (a European study abroad program) in Bilbao.

Roma was an amazing place to be even though we had one full day to see it. I would probably say we didn’t have enough time in Rome, even if we stayed for a week! I definitely want to come back to see so many other sites.

Italia, ti amo!


xoxo Delaney

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