I’m back again with another belated post 🙂

This time it’s about my trip to Barcelona in October!

This city had my heart from the moment we got off of the bus from the airport. It had more of an international feel than Bilbao but I could see the Catalonian & Spanish culture more clearly unlike Madrid which felt more international in comparison to the other cities I’ve visited in Spain.

The first day we arrived, we ordered a giant pan of paella (like TRUE tourists). It was delicious, despite the warnings from our friendly Airbnb hosts who told us that paella is typically served to please tourists and it isn’t typically ordered by locals (oh well, when in Barcelona).

There were many protests going on and we accidentally walked right through one in the Gothic Quarter on our way to the beach. A man stopped us and asked if we new what was going on and proceeded to explain why he was protesting for the independence of Catalonia. At this point, Catalonia had voted in favor of independence and the locals considered themselves independent. Although, it would require international recognition of Catalonia as a new country in order for it to be legitimate.

We ate dinner in Las Ramblas which was very fun but a little unnerving when we remembered that the terrorist attack in Barcelona occurred at that location.

That night we explored the waterfront and watched the sunset along the water.

The following morning, we ate at Milk, the cutest brunch place that was only a short walk from our Airbnb (we were lucky enough to stay in such a central location). There I had the best eggs Benedict I’ve ever tasted in my life (with cafĂ© con leche of course).

We then headed over to La Sagrada Familia which was definitely my favorite part of the trip. The architecture by GaudĂ­ was astounding.

The inside of La Sagrada Familia was even more brilliant than the outside. So many colors of the rainbow lit up the church, I could have stayed in there all day. It was such a beautiful design and sight to see.

Fun fact:

GaudĂ­ died in a very strange way…

Someone hit him with their car and didn’t help him because they thought he was homeless (which is horrible that this person wouldn’t help someone in a state of homelessness, but that’s beside the point). By the time they realized the injured person was GuadĂ­, it was too late for the doctors to help him and he passed away. How crazy and sad!

After getting some gelato from across the street, we began the long, uphill walk to Park GĂĽell (don’t ask me why I suggested that we walk, it was very painful).

The views were incredible and I was glad we made the walk (although next time you will catch me taking the metro up the hill).

It was incredible to see the different style of architecture GaudĂ­ used. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before and reminded me of a ginger bread house!

We spent a lot of time here and headed back down the mountain.

I really enjoyed wandering the streets of Barcelona, without a structured plan and simply taking in the sites and unique culture. The weather was so perfect!

That night we explored more of the Gothic Quarter and got giant slices of pizza for 2 euros!!!! We also stumbled upon a giant concert held in honor and in celebration of the independence of Catalonia. There were people everywhere so we decided to head to a different area since we clearly weren’t a part of their independence.

The next morning we ate at the brunch place next to Milk which had amazing eggs Benedict as well!

On our way out on Sunday, we walked along the boardwalk and I stuck my toes in the sparkling water. For lack of time we just got cafés con leche to drink on the beach (with an amazing view).

Overall, Barcelona was a real treat. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and Spanish culture. It also helped that I traveled with some amazing people who made my experience that much more fun! You will catch me here again, soon…

Hasta pronto!

xoxo Delaney

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