San Sebastian

Hello all!

So sorry about the delay in posting…. I had midterms and projects this week which took up all of my time (yes we actually do study here in Spain haha).

Two weeks ago we were supposed to go to Barcelona but we decided against it due to the massive protests going on, as Barcelona (and the Catalonia region of Spain) is attempting to liberate themselves from Spain and become their own country. Essentially, public transportation would have been a nightmare and we decided against going, for safety reasons (but no worries, we are going this weekend).

I am actually so glad we decided against going because I was able to book a last minute bus ticket to San Sebastian and stay with some of my favorite people studying here in Bilbao! If you didn’t know, San Sebastian is located about an hour bus ride away from Bilbao and is on the northern coast of Spain! It is definitely more touristy than Bilbao, since the beach is so amazing and the city is SO incredibly gorgeous. I already know I want to go back! I arrived in San Sebastian on Saturday morning and we headed to Old Town and ordered tortilla de patata (like a Spanish omelette served in between smaller baguette-like bread to make a sandwich). Of course we had to get cafe con leche as well. So yummy and filling!

Just walking around the city I knew I would never be able to study abroad here because I would want to be on the beach all day!

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We then headed to Monte Igueldo, which is an amusement park at the top of one of the major mountains of San Sebastian. There is a tall, castle-like tower at the top, with “the best view in the world.” And I can’t agree more! We spent a long time just sitting at the top of the tower, talking and enjoying the view before we walked back down the mountain.

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We walked all the way across town to the other side (where the Jesus statue is in the pictures above) for sunset.

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Overall, San Sebastian has been the most beautiful city I have visited yet. If these sunset photos don’t convince you, I’m not sure what will.

You will definitely see me here soon!

Hasta Luego!

xoxo Delaney

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